The 100 Women Who Care movement was started in Jackson, Michigan. Back in 2006, a community leader named Karen Dunigan learned that hundreds of new mothers were bringing their newborns home and putting them to sleep in dresser drawers and boxes because they couldn’t afford a crib. When she learned that it would cost about $10,000 to purchase cribs, mattresses, and bedding to fill this need, she thought to herself, “I KNOW I can find 100 women in this community who can give $100 each to make this happen." She made phone calls, had a one-hour meeting to present the need, and raised $12,800-more than her goal.
Karen died in 2014, but her legacy lives on in the more than 900 100 Who Care chapters throughout the world.
April Gasbarre presented the 100 Women concept to a small group in 2018. In the summer of 2020, one of those women, Tonya Gietzen, asked, “whatever happened with that whole 100 Women idea?” We reached out again, and Stephanie Doll raised her hand to help bring this to fruition. As the founding members of the Steering Committee, these ladies, along with all members of the 100 Women Who Care - Chelsea Area giving circle are helping to make a difference in the communities of Chelsea, Dexter, Manchester, Grass Lake, Stockbridge and adjacent townships.
We held our first meeting via Zoom on October 4, 2020 in the midst of a global pandemic. Faith in Action was chosen to receive our first Impact Award, which totaled $5,400.

Our second meeting, also held via Zoom due to the ongoing global pandemic, took place on Tuesday, February 2, 2021. Due to a substantial growth in membership, Impact Award recipient St. Louis Center will receive a cumulative contribution of at least $9,700.
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