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Who we are & how it works

This Giving Circle is based on the simple concept of bringing local women together to make maximum impact for a non-profit organization in a minimal amount of time.  There’s no volunteering, no telemarketing, no event planning nor any silent auction item donations to solicit.  There is simply the joy of giving back to our own community with an Impact Award. 


As a member of this giving circle, not only will you be financially supporting a non-profit organization with your $100 donation, you’ll also learn about many local organizations and have the opportunity to meet other local women. 


There are three 1-hour meetings each year - February, June and October.  Come early for the social hour to relax with refreshments and network.  For those unable to attend in person, we hope to continue offering a virtual option to the meeting.


Non-profit organizations are nominated by our members.  Three are randomly selected to make a short presentation at the upcoming Impact Award meeting.  After hearing the presentations, the members vote for one.  The non-profit organization with the majority of votes will receive that meeting’s Impact Award.  Afterwards, we celebrate! 


For more information, read the Meetings section in our FAQs.

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